5 Unique Places to Install Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles can shine in almost any place that can project glamour and beauty. Thanks to its flexibility, versatility, and multiple colors options, you can lay your terrazzo tiles to create any design as your instincts dictate. Practically, there are no boundaries to where you install these unique tiles and what magic you can make with them.

But, it is somewhat surprising that terrazzo tiles are more common in certain places than others despite their versatility. Hence, I am writing this article to expand the reach of terrazzo tiles by suggesting several places where they can be your best flooring option.  

Generally, I have discovered that most people prefer to use terrazzo tiles in commercial spaces—some categorized terrazzo tiles as ‘commercial-only flooring materials. If you check around closets places, you will discover that terrazzo tiles rea not very common in residential areas. Click here to learn about 7 Steps on How to Lay Terrazzo Floor Tiles – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide.

To change that mindset, here are five unique places where you can install terrazzo tiles that will earn you several comforting commendations from anyone that visits.

5 Places to Install Terrazzo Tiles

1. Office buildings

As we earlier discussed, terrazzo tiles rea very good in commercial places. Though the tiles are already the first choice in commercial spaces yet, I need to recommend them more. 

Terrazzo tiles have the magic to draw people to a place that commercial spaces need the most. A typical office building is a space that many people of different classes walk in and out of every minute. And, the first impression they say lasts longer. 

You will agree with me that every business space needs the proper packaging to improve its image in the public’s eyes. And good business image, in return, promotes brand credibility and increases revenue generation. So, if there is a space that needs the classic, luxury look of terrazzo tiles, it’s office buildings.  

Meanwhile, I am not recommending terrazzo tiles commercial spaces because of their durability. Instead, it’s because they can withstand stains and heavy foot traffic. More so, they allow customization and can perfectly match brand colors. They are straightforward to use and maintain. Your surface cleaning routine is enough to keep them in their shining-looking state for years.  

2. Airports 

Because of some of the reasons discussed above, it is great to install terrazzo tiles in airports. The airport is one of the places that receive people that belong to the highest class in society. As a result, it would not be fair enough to use the classic terrazzo tiles both on the wall and floor of the building.

Terrazzo is a kind of flooring material that can vividly display the words of directions that guide passengers at the airport to locate every vital place in the building, including the security posts, terminals and more. 

Additionally, airlines might take advantage of terrazzo tiles to customize the flooring to match the brand’s colour. For some airlines, their colour is their unique selling point.

Above all, one of the benefits terrazzo tiles can offer an airport is the low-cost maintenance and unmatched durability. Don’t forget that airport is another place that records massive traffic every minute. So, the commercial area needs flooring that can prevent them from shutting for maintenance and repairs sake. It can amount to huge losses.

3. Hospitals 

Terrazzo is the best option for hospital flooring. In reality, no other type of tiles comes close to terrazzo in this setting. Are you still confused? Allow me to elaborate. 

Terrazzo tiles are naturally antimicrobial. Do you know what that means? It does not allow absorbent holes that can later become a haven of bacteria. Instead, it provides a healthy, safe and clean environment for patients and staff. What else do you think will be ideal for hospital flooring? Terrazzo!

Not only that, terrazzo tiles come with a surface that is easy to clean and disinfect. As a result, the cleaners will be glad to do routine work with optimum happiness and finish up in no time. 

Furthermore, the smooth, fine surface of terrazzo tiles makes is helpful for wheeling patients and drugs from one ward to another, which could save many lives in case of emergency. 

In similarity to airports, hospitals also need to customize their flooring to add some necessary descriptions to guide first-time visitors. As an expert, I have worked with different types of tiles. But I have come to realize that Hospitals cannot have better flooring except terrazzo tiles.  

4. Homes

Remember that we mentioned at the beginning of this article that terrazzo tiles are less used in residential spaces. However, in luxury homes, terrazzo tiles are what they use to create impressive countertops and exterior living areas such as gardens.

Terrazzo tiles are the best flooring options for every home garden. Whether you think of lining a patio or creating a customized firepit, or even a unique outdoor kitchen countertop, you can trust terrazzo tiles with an outstanding level of unequaled customization and glamour. 

With all the creativity that terrazzo offers homeowners, it is rather pathetic that many of them still don’t consider terrazzo tiles their number one option for flooring. 

Terrazzo remains the best material you can use to create impressive designs in your entryway with terrazzo flooring. More than that, it is suitable for remodeling an ample open space, where you can use colors to create magic. Terrazzo is best for residential flooring because of its unmatched longevity. Visit https://tileandbathco.com.au/collections/herringbone-tiles to read more about Herringbone tiles and Terrazzo tiles in your City.

5. Schools

Many schools have been ignoring the efficacy of terrazzo tiles on their floors. Perhaps it is because they think it is too expensive for a school flooring. If you look around, you will discover that most of the schools you know use something else for their flooring – except for luxury schools. 

On the contrary, schools are among the commercial places that need terrazzo flooring the most due to their stain-resistant capacity. Students can be amusing during their stay in school. Most times, it is their usual practice to leave things untidy without proper care. 

Indeed, installing terrazzo tiles in a school will save the management the stress and expenses involved in constant deep cleaning and renovations. 


Terrazzo tiles can be a good option for different kinds of spaces, whether residential or commercial. Feel free to explore these tiles’ fantastic versatility and creativity to bring out the beauty and glamour anywhere you want it. You also need to know that terrazzo leads when it comes to maintenance, making it fir for any place whatsoever. 

7 Steps on How to Lay Terrazzo Floor Tiles – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Terrazzo tiles have become a front liner in almost all the newer building improvement projects today. Thanks to its durability, design capabilities, and low lifecycle costs, you will find it in many luxury homes either on the floor. Click here to read more about Terrazzo tiles.

Aside from homes, you will also find it in schools, restaurants, hospitals and other commercial spaces. So, if you are thinking of installing terrazzo tiles to beautify the floor of your house? Thumbs up. I would say you have good taste. 

Meanwhile, since this might be your first time trying something like this, you need to know the different methods of installing terrazzo tiles. There is poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo, which is recently the favorite of several season architects and home designers. That is not for any other reason other than the fact that it offers ample design opportunities.

In case you don’t like that, cement terrazzo is your next available option. Many people like this method for its vintage appearance, so even professional architects usually suggest it for exterior use. 

Are you also ready to use terrazzo tiles to create stunning magic in your home? Let’s go and learn the HOW. visit http://avaheating.com/5-unique-places-to-install-terrazzo-tiles/ to read about 5 Unique Places to Install Terrazzo Tiles.

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of installing terrazzo tiles, you need to make some preparations before you start laying the tiles. The first thing is to prepare the subfloor to make it ready for installation. After that, you would have to take some necessary measurements accurately and get your tools ready. There is more to that, but I will discuss it extensively in the forthcoming article.

I want to assume that you have done the needful, so let’s get to work.

How To Lay Terrazzo Floor Tiles 

Step 1: Know the tile measurement for the edge 

Before laying your terrazzo tiles on the floor, the first thing is to measure the edges accurately to make a perfect design. 

Terrazzo consists of marble chips and dust with a cement binder. Sometimes, it comes as finished individual tiles and other times, as poured-in-place over a concrete slab which you will ground to achieve a polished finish. When installing terrazzo tiles, many professionals prefer to butt them up against one another to replicate the terrazzo slab look. 

When you are done measuring, you will have to dry-fit the first line of full tiles right from the chalk line and extend it to the outside wall. The next step is to outline the tiles and ensure that you mark the last row, which you will need to cut to fit. 

To cut your terrazzo tiles accurately, you can use one of the most effective techniques called ‘jump scrubbing’. Using this method, you find it easy to overlay the following tiles and scribe a straight line down the terrazzo tile to get the right cut.

Step 2: Cut the tiles’ edges to fit

After determining the correct measurement for the edge, the best thing to do is to cut any terrazzo tile that needs cutting to fit.  

You can use a diamond wet saw or tile cutter to do this job perfectly. A wet saw will give you a smooth and clean tile cut without stress, and it will amaze you how soon everything happens.

Step 3: Spread the Adhesive

after you have successfully dry-fit your terrazzo tiles, the next step is to spread a thin layer of adhesive (wet-set) on the floor with a square notch trowel. Avoid covering the chalk mark that you have already made with the glue. To better avoid that, it is better to spread the adhesive at the same level with the line rather than over it. 

I recommend that you leave the adhesive for some minutes to allow it to become tacky. To get better information on how to use the adhesive properly, read the user manual for specific directions. 

Step 4: Lay the first row

Now, it’s time to lay the first row of your terrazzo tiles in full. When you start installing, make sure that you are distant from the wall to avoid tiling yourself to the corner. You can begin with the installation from the middle line for the best result and lay the tiles towards the outside wall.  

Remember that your first set of tiles must be complete tiles, and ensure that you put each tile firmly into the right position. Also, but each tile snugly up against the following one to avoid any visible joint. 

It is vital to ensure that the tiles are flat, level, and square to the chalk line. You will need a rubber mallet here to tap the tiles gently into the adhesives.

Step 5: Lay the outer lines and continue laying 

After setting the first row perfectly, the next thing to do is lay the cut tiles into the outermost row. After you have done this correctly, you can continue the flow and keep laying other rows in a like manner.

Suppose you are laying the terrazzo tiles in the kitchen or utility room. In that case, you have to be sure that you lay the tiles under all the appliances like the refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine to prevent the floor from being damaged due to the constant leak.

Step 6: Roll the floor to secure the tiles

When you have finished setting the tiles into the adhesives and notice that the tiles are becoming sticky to their position, it is time to secure them. You can roll the floor with a roller to ensure that the tiles bind well with the adhesives.

Step 7: Apply a Sealer 

The final but not the least step is to apply a sealer to the tiles on the floor. Note that you would have to leave the tiles for about 12 hours to dry before you can walk on them and apply a sealer. 

Now, the kind of sealer you use can make or mar the entire work. To be safe, I suggest that you buy a sealer that can work perfectly for terrazzo tiles in particular. You can speak with the attendant of the store where you purchased the tiles for a good guide.

Final Words 

You don’t have to pay a pro for your tiling works. Instead, you can do it yourself and save money on other essential parts of the renovation project. Meanwhile, you might not have done anything like tiling before; it is not a problem. If you can follow the above instructions step by step, you will lay t=your terrazzo tiles like a pro.